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Mar 30, 2020

With the NHL season paused, Todd and Josh take a look at rule changes -- some straightforward and some a little more revolutionary, including one right out of the NBA rulebook.   

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Mar 26, 2020

The NHL season has officially been paused.  Todd and Josh discuss the impacts to officials, including the four NHL guys set to hang up their skates at the end of the season. They also dive into the mailbag for an icing question from a veteran official.

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Mar 13, 2020

When is a high stick not a high stick? That depends on what happens next. Todd and Josh tackle that, along with plenty of goaltender interference, why goalies aren't 'fair game', and a little interference from the crossbar.

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Mar 5, 2020

This week, Todd and Josh discuss the NHL's new offside rule proposal -- does it really improve the game or just change the standard?  We also look at the on-ice opportunities for puck tracking, discuss a great coach's challenge question, perception of playoff penalties, and NHL refs on social media.